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Sponge for Professional Leather Dying

his sponge is the right size to color both small and large surfaces, it can be used to color from straps to wallets and briefcases, its medium consistency allows you to color even the edges.
With this sponge you can make colors with different effects, using it in a certain way you can give a streaked effect or, if you prefer, even a homogeneous color.
Unlike wool or cotton, once you have finished using this sponge, simply plug it, it will not dry out and the next time you use it, just dip it in the color and use it without having to clean it or change it every time.
The ideal solution is to have one paired with each color bottle.
Sponge diameter: 38mm - 1.5 inch
In my shop you can also find the dye cream for leather.
If you want to see how the leather products made with this sponge and colors look, visit my page:
Contatc me for any informations

Sponge for Professional Leather Dying

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