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Atomicolor Fenice 250ml Leather edge paint

Edge dye produced by Fenice in Italy, one of the best companies in the leather processing sector.
It gives the edge of bags, belts and leather goods in general a pleasantly opaque, smooth and stuccoed appearance. It is applied both manually and by machine in one or more coats depending on the degree of absorption of the leather.
The range of colors offered by ATOMICOLOR is unmatched on the market with 72 variants. All these variants can be further combined with each other, allowing you to obtain the exact desired shade with minimal mixing.
Drying is rapid and the anchoring of ATOMICOLOR is decidedly high even on low-absorbent leathers. Should the leather prove to be particularly problematic due to its low absorbency, it is possible to increase its adherence using the specific ATOMIGRIP gripping agent which also emphasizes the rounded effect already a prerogative of ATOMICOLOR.
Note the great quantity-price ratio, the bottle in this ad is 250ml, you can use it for many applications.
All Fenice edge colors find their corresponding Waterstain Pro leather dye, which you can find in my shop, so if you want you can combine the same colors for leather and edge.
Contact me for any information on the product or its use and if you don'f find your color in the list.

Atomicolor Fenice 250ml Leather edge paint

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